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House Registration

House Hockey

The Peninsula Youth Hockey Association (PYHA) will attempt to establish House Teams within each age level (Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, U16, and U18).  Such teams shall compete in the Eastern Virginia Hockey League (EVHL), according to the schedule developed by the EVHL.  The EVHL consists of the PYHA and HRYHA - Va Beach Admirals.  The program provided for House Teams shall follow the guidelines and regulations set forth by USA Hockey and/or other sanctioned governing bodies with which the Association is affiliated for team play and practices as well as policies set forth by the Association.  The purpose of these teams is to develop the beginning hockey player and the experienced player into more competitive hockey players.  A House league team will be considered full when it has a maximum of 16 players, 3 lines and 1 goalie.  All House League play will be in accordance with USA Hockey and or other sanctioned governing bodies with which the Association may be affiliated. 

Prowl Refund Policy

Refunds will not be made for players who elect to leave the Association once they are assigned to a team. Players who have a need to leave the association for circumstances beyond their control (including significant injuries) may appeal to the Board of Directors (BOD) in writing for a pro-rated refund up to January 31st of the current season.  Refund amounts (if any) will be determined by the BOD and are not guaranteed under any circumstances. There will be no monetary refunds issued for suspensions or disciplinary actions.


Contact Information

For questions concerning House Hockey, please contact

Jerseys and Jersey Numbers

If your player doesn't have a jersey number or they're thinking of changing it, Here are some steps to the process:

Step 1: Have your skater make a "Top 5" list of favorite jersey numbers. For example, it could be a jersey number from another sport they were a part of or numbers from favorite NHL players.

Step 2: Submit those number request inquires to our Hockey Admin - Leslie Turner at She will check those numbers against a list of available team numbers. Once your number has been approved, it will remain your skater's number all they way through each age level of the Prowl. Of course, your skater can change his/her number if he/she would like to the following season.  

Step 3: Once numbers have been approved, you can then order your jerseys! Click HERE to order jerseys. Numbers must be pre-approved and Prowl is not responsible for jerseys purchased prior to verification of new player numbers

Registration Link

To register your player for the House 2021-2022 season, please click the link below.

Important Registration Information

Payment may be made by Credit Card online (processing fees apply), Check or Money Order. Please make checks payable to “Peninsula Prowl Hockey Association” and please add Player's name on the check.

Please note that tendering a bad check will result in additional fees of $25 per instance and the immediate suspension of the Player from all team activities until the Parent has resolved the situation to the satisfaction of the Association. Player's ice time will be affected if each payment is not made by the scheduled date.


To make an offline payment, please mail/drop off your check or money order (no cash will be accepted) at Iceplex or mail payment to the following address:

Peninsula Prowl Youth Hockey Association 
5007 Victory BLVD STE C
Box 239
Yorktown, VA 23693-5606


For any financial questions, please contact our Treasurer, William Schrade, and our Bookkeeper, Irandi Barnhart, by clicking HERE.