• Shall be required to establish an operating budget within sixty (60) days preceding the start of the fiscal year (no later than May), in order to allow the Board to send it back to committee for adjustment if not approved.
  • The budget should include all facets of the Association, Hockey Operations, uniforms, equipment, procurement and/or maintenance of insurance, fundraising, advertising, dues, and any other items of income and expense relating to the finances of the Association
  • Budgets for Association subsidiaries may be prepared by their Boards or their managers (the decision shall belong to the subsidiary Board). However, they must be presented to the PYHA Board for approval, and then to the PYHA membership for ratification at the first general membership meeting of the new fiscal year
  • It is suggested that members with backgrounds of business and financial nature sit on this committee, whether regular, associate or honorary members of the association

Please contact William Schrade (Vice President of Finance) via email in our Board of Directors section if you are interested or for more information.