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New to Hockey

Before the first puck pass or snapshot on net, every Peninsula Prowl hockey player first learned how to skate. Skating is the foundation of hockey and is the single most important component of playing ice hockey. Learning to play the game becomes so much easier and particularly fun when your skater can stand, move forward, turn and stop without falling.  


Hampton Roads Iceplex offers a beginner's hockey skating classes on Wednesdays at 6:10 to 6:40 pm. Lessons are designed as a block of 8 weeks of sessions. You can join at any time without worry of having to wait until the next round begins. You will be prorated the difference from the remaining sessions. Simply re-register your skater when a new round of lessons begins. The skate instructor will also provide a progress report of your future hockey players development so that you can be confident of readiness to join the Peninsula Prowl's Hockey U (Learn to Play) program.  


If you do not have hockey skates, skates are included with the cost of the class. Plus, free admission to public skate sessions. 


For all scheduling and pricing information, visit the Hampton Roads Iceplex website by clicking on this link for details.


For questions regarding details or to register, call 757-877-7539 and ask for Elizabeth Martin.

Hockey U: 101 (Learn to Play Hockey)


Hello and Welcome to Hockey U: 101


Skating is where hockey begins.  

Learning the game of hockey starts with the ability to skate. This cannot be overstated in how completely important and essential it is to have the basic fundamentals in ice skating being taught.

"Can't my child learn to skate while learning to play hockey?"

The short answer: No. A new participant that can barely stand without falling over, simply cannot perform hockey drills that are designed with skating competency as a given. Without lessons, your child will quickly become frustrated and conclude that hockey just isn't for them. Because the Peninsula Prowl follows USA Hockey guidelines, USA Hockey also requires that your child must complete a Learn to Skate training program before Learn to Play is permitted. (For more information on how to register for Learn to Skate, see our Learn to Skate section above.)

"About how many skate lessons should my child receive before he is ready to join Hockey U?"

Typically, a minimum of 12 private lessons or 16 group lessons. This is not to say that this is all that is required but merely a measurement in beginner basics in preparation to start Hockey U. Once your child has successfully completed Learn to Skate lessons, joining our Learn to Play program is the next step to learning and playing the game prior to joining the the team itself. Learn to Play is designed for both boys and girls between the ages 5 to 18 years old.  However, our age groups are typically about age 6 to 12 years old. A practice session caps out at 30 players, though we typically have about 10-15 in a session depending on the time of year. With each passing week, Hockey U will not only equip your child with a core foundation in principal techniques to harness the game but keep the process of learning the game fun and exciting to play. Upon completion of Hockey U, all participants interested in joining the team must pass a performance evaluation by a PYHA coach. Once performance eligibility has been approved, joining the team and seasonal "House" hockey program is the final step to wearing team colors

"Skate lessons... Check! What should I do now?" 

The Peninsula Prowl requires every parent to register with USA Hockey for their child to participate in our Learn to Play program and beyond. The purpose of this is to ensure that your child is apart of a national organization that provides strict operational guidelines to all youth hockey associations coast to coast. USA Hockey places the safety of your child at the top of it's list. USA Hockey requires every association coach to complete a mandatory background check in order to coach youth hockey. USA Hockey also requires coaches to also be certified to properly instruct and not just "out there wingin' it". In addition, USA Hockey also includes an insurance program that would provide assistance should the need arise.  

Click this link to register

With all that USA Hockey offers / provides through it's annual registration membership, USA Hockey does charge a small fee to complete.

"Done! When and where can I sign up?"

Hockey U is offered all year round. Practice sessions are structured and sold in blocks of 8 (and sometimes 9) weeks at a time. Hover over the Registration tab and select the "Hockey U" link to register your child with the newest Hockey U session. 

"Is it OK to sign up if Hockey U has already started?"

Yes. No worries at all! The cost associated with sessions that occurred prior to your registration will be prorated to you so that you only pay for the balance of the remaining block.

"Is Hockey U expensive?"

Not at all! A single practice session lasts a full 80 minutes at a price of only $15 per session. That's 8 weeks of 2 practices a week (16 practices total) for a total of $240. A really great deal!

"What days of the week and time can I expect Hockey U to be held?"

Practice sessions are held on Tuesday nights, 6:05 - 7:25pm and Thursday nights, 6:45 - 8:05pm. 

"I have already purchased skates and a few pads. Is there anything else I might need in preparation for Hockey U?"

Every participant must be fully equipped with the following USA Hockey safety requirements to meet the sports safety standards: a hockey helmet with full face protection, ice skates, ice skate socks, shin pads, elbow pads, gloves, athletic supporter (jock cup), ice hockey pants, shoulder pads, mouth guard, neck guard, ice hockey socks (that covers the shin pads), a hockey stick, a sizable hockey gear bag and finally a practice jersey. (for Hockey U, the jersey can comprise of a simple solid color (such as black) or that of your child's favorite NHL team)

Finding hockey equipment in Virginia can often be a challenge. Conveniently, the Iceplex has it's very own equipment Pro shop to meet your every need. If they don't have it, they will order it. They even offer price matching guarantees from online competitors. For extensive equipment choice options, major online retailers such as... Pure Hockey, Hockey Monkey, Ice Warehouse and others, offer a vast array of entry level to elite level gear to meet your every need.

Shopping list needs can really add up in cost. PYHA understands this and we want to help if needed. We want to ensure that every family can join our Hockey U as soon as possible and not be so overwhelmed by the expense of simply getting started. To ease the initial expense of equipment, the PYHA happily offers loaner gear. Please email our equipment manager at in advance of a practice session so that they can fit your child ahead of time. However, if we have run out of a need item, the PYHA will make every effort to assist you. We certainly do not want your child to miss out on getting started on an experience of a lifetime. 

"My skater is fully equipped. What should I expect next?"

Plan to arrive at the ice rink at least 30 minutes before the beginning of each practice session. Applying all the necessary equipment can be time consuming (approximately 20 to 30 minutes) to properly fit and fasten all protective gear.  This will ensure that your child will be ready before the start of each session. We also encourage practicing gearing up your child at home to familiarize yourself and him or her with the steps in applying each piece for smooth preparation. If you happen to forget a piece of equipment, the PYHA may have what you need. Simply inquiry with a team coach for assistance. If by chance we do not, the Iceplex Pro Shop should have what you need for purchase.


If you have any questions regarding equipment needs, please contact our equipment manager, Steven Kozlowski, at / 516-659-0970


If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact our hockey administrator, Leslie Turner, at email


USA Hockey - Come Play Youth Hockey

USA Hockey's introduction to the game in every detail.

Hockey U: The Essentials Checklist

For inquiry regarding our equipment Loaner Program, please contact our Equipment Manager at

Play Youth Hockey!

House Age Levels by Birth Year (2022-2023 Season)

Mite - 8U (2014-2016)

Squirt - 10U (2012-2013)

PeeWee - 12U (2010-2011)

Bantam - 14U (2008-2009)

Midget - 18U (HS) (2004-2007)


The prowl does not offer "MiniMite (6U), but does allow 6-year-olds to play on the Mite team with coach's assessment and approval.  Presently, we do not offer Midget A/B (no 16U) due to enrollment numbers - subject to change in any given season.

Requirements to Playing House Hockey

Players new to the Peninsula Prowl must be evaluated by PYHA coaching staff before joining one of our House teams. Must have either completed at least one full round of a Learn to Play Hockey/Hockey U instructional program or have prior experience playing hockey from another program.

Please contact the Peninsula Prowl's Director of Hockey at to schedule an evaluation or for more information.

Click on the "House" hockey tab along the top of the homepage for more information detailing our house hockey program and how to join.