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    Welcome to the Home of the Peninsula Prowl

    TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE Pre-Registration

    Thanks for checking us out! Try Hockey For Free day may still be a little ways away, but we would like to hear from you by offering your interest in pre-registering your child with us for our big day! Simply click on our link to submit your interest. It's fast and easy.

    Try Hockey For Free is nationally sponsored by USA Hockey to help every youth in America to try and discover this fantastic sport. Our club's coaches are USA Hockey certified instructors and will equip your future hockey player with the knowledge to play their best. Our club is operated by an all-volunteer staff of directors, managers and coaches that are just as fanatical about hockey as our players.


    Thanks for taking the time with us! Save the date: Saturday, February 25th, 4:00 to 5:20PM @ the Hampton Roads Iceplex in York County.   

    Upcoming Holiday schedule for Peninsula Prowl


    • No practices for Thanksgiving: Wed/Thurs, 11/23-11/24
    • No games for Thanksgiving:  Sat/Sun, 11/26-11/27



    • Last practice in Dec: Wed/Thurs, 12/14-12/15
    • Last games in Dec: Sat/Sun, 12/17-12/18
    • Holiday party: Mon, 12/19 @ 6:25pm
    • Prowl Alumni Game: Mon, 12/19 @ 8:05pm



    • Practices resume: Wed, 1/4-1/5

    Locker Room Assignments



    • MITES (U8) and HU: Locker Room 1
    • SQUIRTS (U10): MON: Party Room 4  | TUES: Locker Room 2
    • JV (U12/14): Locker Rooms 3 & 4
    • MIDGETS (U16/18): Locker Room 1 (P1) & 2 (P2)




    • SATURDAY 7:00am
      • HOME: Locker Room 1
      • AWAY: Locker Room 3
    • SATURDAY 8:30am
      • HOME: Locker Room 2
      • AWAY: Locker Room 4
    • SUNDAY 8:25am
      • HOME: Locker Room 1
      • AWAY: Locker Room 3

    Please do not use a locker room you aren’t assigned to, even if it appears empty! There are other groups who need those locker rooms. 

    2022 - 2023 Prowl House Hockey

    Peninsula Prowl's 2022-2023 House hockey registration is LIVE!


    For more information and to Register, please go to HOUSE REGISTRATIONS under the Registration Tab.

    Monday (9/19) begins practices for the 2022-2023 Prowl House Hockey season (take 2)! We still are needing at least ONE adult for each player to sign up to volunteer. This is important because games CANNOT be run without volunteers! Please see the Prowl website on what steps need to be taken to volunteer.


    The times/days of week for practices are on the website and listed below:

    • Hockey U/Mites U8 (2014-2016): Tues @ 6:05-7:25pm | Thurs @ 6:45-8:05pm
    • Squirt U10 (2012-2013): Mon @ 6:35-7:55pm | Wed @ 6:45-8:05pm
    • JV U12-14 (2008-2011): Mon @ 6:35-7:55pm | Wed @ 6:45-8:05pm
    • Midget U16-18 (2004-2007): Mon @ 8:05-9:25pm | Wed @ 8:15-9:35pm


    Each team is also assigned a locker room. Please follow the locker room schedule and use only the locker room(s) assigned to your division. Even if it appears empty, there are other groups who need those locker rooms. The assignments are listed on the website and below:

    • Hockey U/Mites U8 (2014-2016): Locker Rooms 1 & 2
    • Squirt U10 (2012-2013): Locker Room 3
    • JV U12-14 (2008-2011): Locker Room 4
    • Midget U16-18 (2004-2007): Locker Room 1 & 2


    We are very excited to see all the players in a few days and we want to make sure everyone comes back ready to play. With that in mind, safety is of the upmost importance and this year we will be very diligent in making sure the safety rules are strictly followed. Please review the following safety rules and make sure your player(s) have the correct and proper equipment so they will be allowed to participate in practice on Monday. Per USA Hockey, EVHL, and Prowl guidelines, each player IS REQUIRED to wear:

    • Neck guard
    • Non-clear mouth guard
    • HECC approved helmet as designed by the manufacturer and with no alterations and chin strap properly fastened


    We also welcome you to check out our Facebook Peninsula Prowl Marketplace for your hockey buying/selling/trading needs! For those wanting/needing new equipment, try out the Iceplex's ProShop! While they may not be able to carry everything in stock due to spacing issues, they CAN order items AND they price match (YAY!)


    We can’t wait to see all the Prowl families again. If you haven’t registered yet, you must register your player(s) before they are able to attend practice. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Get Involved!

    Would you like to get more involved with hockey? Want to volunteer but not sure how your skillset can be best utilized? Would you like to see what goes into planning the season? JOIN US! All Board meetings are open to all members. The meeting time has changed. We now meet the 1st Tuesday of every month @7pm. Meetings will be available via Zoom as well. Check the Prowl calendar the day of the meeting to access the link.


    Each team needs a solid pool of volunteers. The organization cannot run without a member from each family contributing. From locker room monitors, scorekeepers, penalty box volunteers, to videographers... each game must have a minimum of 4 volunteers! We need at least 1 adult member from each family sign up to volunteer. 


    Want to get a head-start on volunteer requirements for the season? Any volunteer over 18 years old needs to complete the following requirements (each bullet-point is a hyperlink):


    If you have completed the background screening in the past and are unsure if you need to complete one for this season and/or you have any questions about volunteering, contact

    Register for HOCKEY U

    Has your skater completed Learn to Hockey Skate classes and ready to learn all about hockey? Are you new to the area and have a skater with either entry level skating or hockey experience? Then our Hockey U / Learn to Play (LTP) program is ready for them! 

    Hockey U is a running registration. If interested, please register anytime and the past classes that were missed will be refunded. 


    For more information and to Register, please go to the HOCKEY U SECTION under the Registration Tab.

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    Peninsula Prowl Marketplace

    Hockey season is right around the corner! Do you have hockey items you want to sell/trade? Are you looking to buy some used equipment? We have just the place! Check out our Facebook Peninsula Prowl Marketplace for your hockey buying/selling/trading needs!

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