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Board Members and Information

Peninsula Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors

Peninsula Youth Hockey Association (PYHA) consist of an all-volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) with the help of others who serve in a variety of volunteer positions.  The board generally meets monthly on the third Monday of each month at the Hampton Roads Iceplex (or another designated location) starting at 6:45 p.m. 

The first part of regular meetings are open to members of PYHA.  All PYHA members are encouraged to attend these meetings to maintain communication between themselves and the Board and to provide input and ideas for the benefit of PYHA.  If PYHA members wish to attend a board meeting, you are encouraged to contact the Executive Secretary to confirm that the meeting has not been canceled, moved, or rescheduled. 


The Board reserves the right to caucus and limit the amount of time for discussion of any issue.

PYHA Board Members

Mark Ross


William Schrade

Vice President of Finance

Karla Covington

Executive Secretary

Leslie Turner

Vice President of Hockey Administration

Dan Humphrey

Vice President of Membership Development

Paul Clegg

Vice President of Hockey Programming

BT Barnhart

Vice President of Fiscal Growth

PYHA Coordinators

Irandi Barnhart


Danielle Ross

Social Media Coordinator

Rhonda Wagner

Equipment Manager

Overview of Duties and Responsibilities

Below is a brief overview of each position. A full description can be found in the Bylaws document below.

Board Members


Upcoming Board Meetings